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It Was Love To Me

I'd Hate Being Famous

In Between Gale & Randy
16 June 1988
Care to donate some money to show support and love for my contribution to the fandom?

Please don't be shy in asking for a fanvideo, graphics or fanfiction one-shots in return as a thank you from me.

Places With Art & Graphics I Love

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Who am I?
I'm an author and lover of the arts. I'm over 18 as stated above.

I write Brian/Justin fiction. I also write Gale/Randy real person slash fiction. If you scroll past this table there is a fiction table for my stories. Sometimes I write what is considered really bad fic. Sometimes I write crack fic and I write really good fic. I love making Brian/Justin videos and graphics too.
What I read, wrote and who I love.

I'm pretty picky at what kind of fanfiction I'll read. What I wrote a couple of years ago and I'm trying to 'rewrite' now is not my tastes now. My tastes have changed, probably because I've read or wrote every story line that I think applies to those other genres.

Now I like more reality based fiction with a slice of fantasy and tons of realistic angst. Though I'd never stop anyone else from liking other fiction of mine(it once appealed to me to which is why I wrote it) and I'd never be nuts and start telling anyone they shouldn't read other types of fic which I probably liked at some point too. I am thrilled that others still get enjoyment from all fiction in this fandom because anything that celebrates a fan's love for the characters and show is great. (Unless of course the author is writing Brian with Michael thinking that is the one true pairing, then I have issues.)

I am a One True Fandom person.

I have never and will never believe that any show is better than Queer as Folk or that any pairing is better than Brian and Justin. I don't hate on other QAF pairings and in fact I enjoy some of them but Brian and Justin is the couple whom I believe is THE LOVE of my lifetime.

One of my favorite things to experience in fandom (which I've been a part of from the beginning of QAF) is the many different tastes and experiences everyone has that involve all assets of Queer as Folk. I run many livejournal communities dedicated to Queer as Folk.
My Communities

QAF Manual queer_as_fandom Christmas Fiction Challenge queer_as_xmas Holiday Fiction queerasholidays Mpreg Fiction qaf_mpregfanfic My Graphics taylor_made_art

Other Links

B/J Fiction bjfic Gale/Randy Slash fic galerandylove Search for Fiction getithere
Images for Graphics

queerasfolk.it Or marilla_pm67 screen caps. Or they are taken from screen caps I've made myself.
Gossymer Credit